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Doing Digital

One of the most influential people in technology, Fintech author of the Year, Financial Markets Advisor of the Year, Best Fintech Keynote Speaker: meet Chris Skinner, who has deserved all these titles by analysing financial markets and global digitisation trends. Mr. Chris Skinner is an independent commentator on the financial markets and fintech through his blog, blog The, and as author of the bestselling books Digital Bank, ValueWeb, Digital Human and the new book Doing Digital.

Chris Skinner has been exploring the digitisation of our economy and financial behaviour of consumers for a while. He has taken part in lots of discussions about digital and open banking, fintechs, banking-as-a- service and more. Such discussions coupled up with developments in the financial markets, business and technology indicate that we are in a decade of rapid change that presents challenges and opportunities.

Chris Skinner observes that due to the Covid- 19 crisis, global economy is converting to digital in just couple of months: digital delivery, digital services, digital access, digital entertainment, digital shopping, digital banking, digital everything. He believes that digital world, work from home and video chats will continue to have a strong presence in our lives in a post-pandemic world.

In his new book, Doing Digital, Chris Skinner is analysing an important issue that big banks and organisations face- if they do not transform, the die; however, digital transformation is hard because so much must change. Notwithstanding, all companies need to rewire their culture and mindset to leverage digital technologies, whether they be Artificial Intelligence, analytics, APIs, blockchain or other.

It is difficult for the incumbent large financial organisations to convert from industrial to internet, from physical to remote, from analogue to digital: it demands new behaviours, new cultures, new structures, and new systems. For this new book, Doing Digital, Chris Skinner spoke to five banks- JP Morgan Chase (USA), BBVA and ING (Europe) and DBS and CMB (Asia)- and has explored their experiences in digitalisation. The book is aimed to be a detailed guide for large institutions on how to approach digital transformation.

See and hear Chris Skinner talking about the impact that the Covid-19 crisis had on global economy and about his new book ‘Doing Digital’ on 15th of June, 17:00 Vilnius, Lithuania time.

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