Shuhei Kataoka

First Secretary, Financial Section (FinTech, Regulatory Sandbox), Embassy of Japan in the United Kingdom

Shuhei KATAOKA is First Secretary at Embassy of Japan in the United Kingdom. He is in charge of coordination for regulatory sandbox, experiments with government, implementation innovative technology based in London. To address related issues, he participates in meetings FinTech, Blockchain, ICT, and their development.

Most recently, he was in charge of innovative policy making for Regulatory Sandbox in 2017 – 2018 as Deputy Director at Cabinet Secretariat (CAS), seconded from Ministry of Finance (MOF) Government of JAPAN.

Prior to joining to Ministry of Finance, he managed all investment process from closing to exit as investment principal at private equity firm based in Tokyo, and also worked as consultant with new business development strategic project for ICT and financial sector at BCG (the Boston Consulting Group).

Shuhei KATAOKA is an innovative bureaucrat in Japanese government and visionary for tri-sector leader who has experienced both public and private sector. He believes in “Public meets Innovation” as the key point for the next social problem solution.